Piazza Armerina

The town is located in the southern part of the province of Enna, on the border of Caltanissetta and Catania, at the foot of the Mount Sambuco, in the valley of the River Fosso del Tempio, among the towns of Enna, Aidone, Mineo, Mirabella Imbaccari, Caltagirone, San Michele di Ganzaria, San Cono, Mazzarino, Barrafranca and Pietraperzia.
Its name was Piazza until 1862 and its meaning, according to most scholars, is “Piazza Mercato” (Market square).
In the main Arab source is remembered as iblatsa, a term that corresponds to the forms of Medieval Latin Platsa and Plaza, the latter attested in 1145.
Armerina derives from the mountain Armerio that dominates it and has this name thanks to the camp Castrum Armorum where the Count Roger the Norman settled.
Its origin dates back to an ancient era, as evidenced by archaeological finds of the eighth and seventh century BC.
The Greeks, the Romans and the Byzantines conquered and occupied it; in medieval times, the Normans ruled it.
During the revolt of the Vespers, the local population resisted – not capitulating – the siege of the Angevin.
At the time of Spanish domination, it obtained many privileges by the rulers because it was a state town.
The artistic heritage includes evidences relating to the culture of the past centuries. We must mention the Aragonese castle (XIV century); the church of St. John from Rodi (ʼ200); the church of St. Peter (ʼ500); the Cathedral (XVII century) and, close to it, there is a bell tower (1420), and the churches of St. Vincent and St. Rocco (ʼ600).
The archeological site of the Villa del Casale is a luxurious country house of the late roman imperial period (fourth century AD); it has wonderful mosaics and UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage Site.
The territory, which is part of the nature reserve Rossomanno-Grottascura Bellia, where there is the site of Community interest Woods of Piazza Armerina, is rich of springs, has the presence of a thick vegetation and has an irregular geometric profile, with elevation changes very pronounced.
This village is situated on three hills; the inhabitants are mostly concentrated in the capital city and the rest of the population is distributed in the locality Gatta, in the small urban centers of Solazzo, Villaggio Sammarco and in the administrative islands of Castani and Grottacalda.
The primary economic sector is present with various crops, cereals, wheat, vegetables, fodder, vines, olive trees and citrus fruits, and livestock, in particular cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, horses and poultry.
We must mention the production of the Piacentinu Ennese PDO, the loaf from Val Dittaino PDO, the prickly pears from San Cono PDO and almonds.
The secondary sector can count on the presence of small and medium size companies that operate in the following sections: forestry, food, clothing, wood, printing, building materials, engineering, electronics, optical and photographic instruments, furniture, production and distribution of gas and electricity, construction.
The service sector offers a good sales network and some skilled services.
The reception facilities offer lodging and catering.
Among the most important and recurring events there are the fair in May; the rural party “Zazza vecchi”, on May 3rd, with the historical commemoration of the discovery of the banner of Our Lady of the Victories. The Palio of the Normans, in August, with the historical commemoration of the conquest of the city by the Count Roger the Norman and the general fair in September.
The patron saint, Mary of the Victories, is celebrated on August 15th.

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